The Guy Chalkley Legacy: Lion Sands Private Game Reserve

In the 1920’s an American of Irish descent named Guy Aubrey Chalkley made his way to South Africa to explore his opportunities as a mining engineer.  With a great passion for hunting, Guy travelled extensively throughout Africa and on one of these trips Guy stumbled upon Kingstown, a section of land belonging to The Transvaal Consolidated Lands on the border of the Kruger National Park.  This was the same land; known now as The Sabi Sand Reserve.  Guy immediately fell in love with the land as well as the animals and it is a known fact that he never once lifted his rifle to any animal he came across on The Reserve.

Guy Chalkley 1938

On November, 25th 1933 Guy bought The Kingstown Land from The Transvaal Consolidated Mines for Four Thousand Pounds and Fourteen Shillings; it was then that he built a small camp on the banks of the impressive Sabi River; which was the life source of the flora and fauna of The Kruger National Park and The Kingstown Property.  Kingstown was introduced to the Public in 1978 by John More who married Guy’s granddaughter; Louise Chalkley. The area was home to two lodges, namely River Lodge and Bush Lodge.

For over 60 years, Kingstown was enjoyed by Guy and his family. The property has been passed down through four generations and is now owned by Guy’s great grandsons, Nicholas and Robert More. Guy’s deep commitment and passion towards protecting wilderness areas and conservation has remarkably been passed down through the generations; where today the family employs a full-time ecologist to monitor the impact that commercialization has on the wilderness.

Ivory Lodge (Bush Lodge)On the 7th February 2000, both Bush Lodge and River Lodge were demolished as an enormous flood changed the banks of The Sabi River forever.   It was four years later that Nicholas and Robert Moore began to rebuild the property once again.  The establishment was re-named to Lion Sands Private Game Reserve and two new lodges were constructed, namely Ivory Lodge and River Lodge. An additional lodge was erected in 2007 which was named 1933 as a tribute to the year the original Guy Chalkley had purchased the land.  Chalkley Treehouse was also constructed on the Reserve.  A mere 10km from The Ivory Lodge and The River Lodge, the treehouse is a secure bush bedroom that captures the African stars whilst providing all the comforts that guests can experience in an impressive five star safari lodge.

Chalkley Treehouse

Lion Sands Ivory Lodge is an international award winning lodge that provides the utmost of comfort towards its guests. Guests from near and far come to experience this amazing wilderness lodge nestled in the heart of the very same untouched beauty that Guy Chalkley stumbled across almost a century ago.  With such an impressive position and level of service, it is no surprise that The Lion Sands Ivory Lodge featured in the Tatler Magazine “101 Best Hotels in the World” 2006 and 2007 listings.

River Lodge was reconstructed once again on the banks of the Sabi River that boasts a wealth of magnificent history including trees that date back to over 800 years ago.  The exquisite rooms would impress almost everyone and the breath-taking views are nature’s beauty at its best.

1993The Lodge, 1933 was designed by the More family for the family itself.  Welcoming local guests, friends and family of the Mores’, 1933 can be described as a world-class safari experience.   1933 definitely reaches its purpose of being a home away from home and will no doubt continue to provide the high level of quality as the years go by.

With a rich history embedded into the life of the very same land that Guy Chalkley discovered many years before, Lion Sands is definitely a remarkable destination.  Offering the finest accommodation and level of service, the future for this Private Game Reserve is certainly very promising.

Article Written by Ashley Smythe

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